Where is the property management office?

Where is the new property management office located?

The property management office is located in the Chappelle 28 apartment building.
Suite 103, 14005 28 Avenue SW.

How do I contact my property manager?

For property management general inquiries please contact Preet at hsidhu@rentuptown.ca 

How do I submit a maintenance request?

After March 1, 2024, to complete a maintenance request pleae send an email to maintenance@rentuptown.ca.

Please provide your name, unit number, address, and description of the issue.

Where can I learn more about the neighbourhoods (Chappelle Gardens, Orchards at Ellerslie, Paisley)?

South Edmonton is home to many exciting neighbourhoods! We understand the importance and convenience of being close to popular services and amenities. Discover our amenity feature sheets for all three of these amazing locations to learn more about the nearby shopping, services, schools and daycares:

How do I book the Amenity Room at the Chappelle Apartments?

Chappelle 28 Apartments

Book the Amenity Room for your private event! Charges apply.

Contact us at booking@rentuptown.ca 

$50 for half day (4 hours)
$100 for full day (8 hours)
A refundable deposit of $200 is required to book the space and will be returned after the event is complete. Cleaning and property upkeep is required by the tenant after use otherwise the deposit will be used for professional cleaning services.  

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm
Saturday & Sunday 8am - 6pm

Capacity: 10 people

Please view our policy on useage, prohibited activities and more. 

Do you allow pets?

Pets are negotiable and pet policies are dependent on the property. A pet photo and references may be requested at time of application.

Orchards at Ellerslie Duplexes, Basement Suites & Paisley Townhomes/Duplexes

  • Upper suites are permitted up to two dogs to a maximum of 40lbs total.
  • Lower suites are permitted one dog per to a maximum of 20lbs. 
  • One aquarium (maximum 10-gallon tank) is allowed.
  • No birds, reptiles or rodents are allowed.
  • The pet must be spayed or neutered and licensed with the city.

New Heritage Townhomes in Paisley 

  • Suites are permited up to 1 dog to a maximum of 20-30lbs total.
  • One aquarium (maximum 10-gallon tank) is allowed.
  • No birds, reptiles or rodents are allowed.
  • The pet must be spayed or neutered and licensed with the city.

Chappelle 28 Apartments 

  • Suites are permitted one dog or cat to a maximum of 20lbs.
  • No aquariums, fish, birds, reptiles, or rodents are allowed.
  • The pet must be spayed or neutered and licensed with the city.

There is a non-refundable pet deposit of $250 and a monthly pet fee of $35/month*

*Please note this is subject to change. 

What are the requirements for a rental application?

We will need to check your credit, proof of employment or income and references. Applicants must provide a combined income of approximately 3x the rent. Credit scores are required of at least 600 with little to no collections, judgements, etc. on file. We will also need photo ID and your SIN number for the application as it is required for the finalization of the lease agreement. 

A pet photo is also required if applying with a pet.

For New to Canada renters that do not yet have established credit we require 6 months worth of rent and the deposit up front. 

How do I book a viewing?

Once you have explored our available rental properties, remember the address of the unit you want to book a viewing for. 

Visit our online booking site and find a time that works for you and confirm the address. Our leasing team will reach out to you to confirm your attendance before your viewing. You can also text or call us at 780-650-1111 to book a viewing or send us an email at rent@rentuptown.ca if you need more information. 

Do I have to take care of lawn maintenance and snow removal?

In order to keep our rental operational costs as low as possible we require tenants to care for the exterior lawn and walkway all year round. 
This includes weed removal, lawn mowing, snow shovelling and adding gravel or sand on icy walks to ensure safety and to avoid any additional charges.

More information can be found in the current lease agreement. 

Do you offer short term rentals?

Not at this time. We are currently only offering 12 month rental agreements. We want our tenants to feel like our properties are your home for the long term. 

How many people can live in a home or suite?

We follow all housing and healthing standards as set by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Government of Alberta and City of Edmonton to ensure there is acceptable required sleeping space for all occupants. This unfortunately may not be a fit for multiple families or larger families for the size of our rental properties.

Under the Standard, suitable housing is based on the following criteria:

  • A maximum of 2 persons per bedroom.
  • Household members, of any age, living as part of a married or common-law couple share a bedroom with their spouse or common-law partner.
  • Lone parents, of any age, have a separate bedroom from their children.
  • Household members aged 18 or over have a separate bedroom, except those living as part of a married or common-law couple.
  • Household members under 18 years of age of the same sex may share a bedroom, except lone parents and those living as part of a married or common-law couple.
  • Household members under 5 years of age of the opposite sex may share a bedroom if doing so would reduce the number of required bedrooms. This situation would arise only in households with an odd number of males under 18, and odd number of females under 18 and at least one female and one male under the age of 5.

An exception to the above is a household consisting of 1 individual living alone who may live in a studio apartment with no separate bedroom.

Please check your lease agreement or leasing agent to confirm the acceptable number of people allowed in your rental home. 

Is parking included?

Parking is determined by the home that you are renting.

Upper townhome and duplex rental units have access to a double deatched garage. Some townhomes have an outdoor energized parking stall. 

Units without assigned parking will only have street parking available. Our rental locations are close to green space areas so there is always ample parking nearby. 

What is the security deposit?

The security deposit is equal to one month rent and due at the time of application to secure the unit.

*Please note If you are not approved you will have your security deposit returned in full. If you are approved and decide to not move forward with the rental unit you will forfeit $500 of your deposit for re-leasing of the rental unit. 

How long does it take to get an application approval?

We always recommend applying as soon as possible to secure the unit. The security deposit (one month's rent) is due at application. You will be notified of your application approval or denial within 72 hours. If your application is denied your security deposit is returned. Once approved we ask that you review the lease agreement. If you choose not to go forward with the rental unit you will forfeit $500 from your deposit to re-lease the unit. 

What happens after I apply?

  1. You will then be asked to send the security deposit (one month's rent) via e-transfer to a specified email that will be sent to you, to secure the home. You'll be notified of approval within 72 hours. Once approved please review the lease agreement. If you are not approved your security deposit will be returned.
  2. You will be contacted to schedule your move in.
  3. On your scheduled move in date, please have prepared a Void Cheque or PAD form for rent payments. Rent payments are debited from the account on the 1st of each month.

*Please note if you are approved and decide to not move forward with the rental unit you will forfeit $500 of your deposit for re-leasing of the rental unit. 

How do I pay my rent?

Rent payment is accepted by EFT (electronic funds transfer) only. No cheques, cash or other forms of payment are accepted. Tenants will supply the landlord with a PAD form or VOID cheque for payments to be directly debited from the account on the 1st of each month.

Your completed PAD form can be emailed to ar@rentuptown.ca

I'm not ready to rent yet but I want to in the future

We often have other rental homes coming up all the time due to changing liviing situations, please sign up for our newsletter to get monthly updates of properties we have for rent or follow us on social media instagram or facebook @uptownresidentialyeg